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About Us

Our Vision

We believe we can make a difference to this world, to this earth on which we live. Our Vision is to provide high quality and cost-effective sustainable energy solutions across all the markets, reducing carbon footprint – paving way for sustainable energy thereby improving the quality of present and future human life.

Our Mission

We want to make a difference in your lives by providing economical solutions for energy conservation and utilization of naturally occurring resources in a cost-effective way so as to preserve the delicate balance in our surroundings. The climate challenge is a clear indication that something is wrong. We must cut across national boundaries and work jointly to protect and preserve our natural resources. Go for Solar Zone and ensure a cleaner world to live.

Our Values

The core values of our organization are those values that underlie our work & strategies we employ to fulfill our vision & mission.


Want to know about us?

Our mission is to channel this energy to power every roof, every home, every building, every village and every city of our country. Everyone should be able to proudly proclaim – it’s my SolarM.

The recent innovations and rapid deployment of large-scale solar projects have lead to a better quality and a much lower cost solar power. Still, solar has not percolated down to our homes, offices and everyday lives and we continue to pay a very high price for electricity. At SolarM, we are committed to lead this revolution and change the way solar energy is perceived, bought and sold today.

Why Solar?

The world as it is heavily dependent on petrol, coal, wood, and water for producing energy. We assume there is an uninterrupted supply. There isn’t On the other hand, we have an inexhaustible supply of solar energy. So why not rely more on solar energy?

Solar energy is clean which does not produce poisonous carbon monoxide and other pollutants. The benefits of producing energy from solar power is enormous in terms of economy, environmental protection and creating job opportunities.

It involves certain amount of investment for producing it which may be high for an individual’s requirement. But the direct and indirect benefits certainly outweighs the cost in the long run.

Perhaps fixing solar energy panels may be an issue as not all the companies would have their own large premises for housing them. Even if they had, the extent to which the power could be generated is debatable. On the other hand, making a start even for covering only 50 % of the corporate requirement is still worth as the benefits would outweigh the negatives.

The solar panels typically would last for a minimum of 25 years depending on the weather conditions and maintenance. However, during this period, you have contributed substantially to the environment by not producing toxic effluents. The benefits are far more than the disadvantages.


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